Sinda Thakathani

Local surfer, Stand Up Paddle boarder and instructor, Sinda Thakathani, took part in the yearly Freedom Paddle that is held on the 27th April each year (Freedom Day in South Africa) and came in a very respectable 3rd place, which is even more impressive considering he was in a very nasty hit and run accident involving two cars just a couple of months back.

He made the commitment to enter the race even though he was and still is in recovery, a true all rounder in the water with tons of warrior spirit!


Sinda full of the ocean spirit as he cruises over the finish line!

Sinda after the race with his medal!

He is also sponsored by several local companies: Naish South Africa : RokitUK : Mobyfy : Vsolapparel (Boarders) Xpression on the beach : SUPSA : Surfers Corner

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